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Hello there! Welcome to BioComputiX!

My name is Edin Hamzić. I am a vet who moved into genetics (actually, my primary field of interest). After getting my DVM degree, I did my master’s and P.h.D degrees in genetics, where I focused on statistical genetics, quantitative genetics, applied bioinformatics, and genetics of disease resistance. 

​I hold a joint double Ph.D. in genetics from Aarhus University (Denmark) and AgroParisTech, now part of the University of Paris-Saclay (France). If interested, you can check my complete profile on LinkedIn.

​After I got my Ph.D. degree, I decided to return to Bosnia and Herzegovina, my home country, where in lack of better options, I started to work as a data scientist applying my knowledge of statistics, data analysis and machine learning in different fields working in a couple of different ICT companies.

​Over the last ten years, I developed a mixed bag of skills that range from computational biology, data engineering, and statistical data analysis to machine learning. 

I am very interested in things at the intersection between genetics, computational biology, data science, and machine learning. Also, I like to read and learn about philosophy and history. 

After much hesitation, I started BioComputiX in 2021. I wrote a couple of posts and stopped. I returned in the spring of 2022 with more motivation, and ever since, I have been writing and posting with varying intensity, but still posting.


BioComputiX is imagined as the place where I publish about genetics, computational biology, bioinformatics, data science, and machine learning, but also about other random stuff that will, of course, be primarily scientific. You will notice that many of the blog posts are actually informational and educational and the reason for that is that BioComputiX serves for me to publish posts about things I am either refreshing my knowledge about or learning from scratch. So, at least for now, I see it as my learning journal.


For more information about me check out my social media links above or drop me a message here using the contact form.

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