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🎉 Here we go! Finally!

Updated: Jan 8

Hi everyone! My name is Edin, and I would like to welcome you to BioComputiX.

I am the person behind it, and you can read more about me here. You can also find more about me on LinkedIn and Twitter (no But, I do not want to write about me here as this article is an introduction to BioComputiX.

What Is BioComputiX About and Why?

  • The main reason why I started with BioComputiX is to share my thoughts, ideas, and knowledge I find interesting about genomics and machine learning, and the intersection between these two fields.

  • In the coming decades, I truly believe these two fields and their intersection will bring some of the most exciting breakthroughs in science and technology.

  • Also, BioComputiX will serve as a platform for my professional development.

  • I have been thinking for quite some time about how BioComputiX should look like, whether it should be a blog, a personal website, or something third, and never come up with something definite. The one sure thing I knew about is I want to be publicly engaged in these cutting-edge fields.

  • Finally, I realized that I will just start writing stuff and see where it will take me. I am not fully sure where all this is heading. So, I will basically go with the flow and try to enjoy it as much as possible.

  • Basically, it meant it's time to take some action and start writing instead of just idealizing, reflecting, and waiting for the right moment and right format.

  • So, in simple terms, BioComputiX will start as my personal repository of ideas, insights, and other things related to genomics, machine learning, and the intersection of the two.

What Will BioComputiX Try To Cover?

Currently, my idea is to try to write about the following areas:

  • News and insights: I will try to cover the latest research in the field of genomics and the intersection between genomics and machine learning.

  • Reviews: Short overviews of books I read and movies I watched of course again ones focused on genomics and machine learning. Basically, lessons learned.

  • Original articles: My own writings about interesting things from the field of genetics and genomics.

  • Educational aspect: Sharing educational materials related to bioinformatics, genomics, and machine learning such as tutorials and webinars.

  • Interesting startups and companies: I will also write about interesting startups and companies that are at the intersection of machine learning and genomics.

  • Finally, I might also share some personal stuff and things I like doing.

Things will probably evolve over time, but I will try to continuously produce content! Looking forward to your feedback!

What Happened Since February 2021?

This post was originally published on Feb 22, 2021. Since then, many things happened. I think the COVID pandemic was also one of the triggers to start writing a blog, as many of us back then were stuck in our homes and tried to find ways to do some extra fun stuff. However, back in 2021, I wrote this introduction post and two extra blog posts, and that was it. Initially, motivation faded away.

But, again, in 2022, I gave it a second try. The following new post, after those first three, was published on Feb 20, 2022, and since then, I have published an additional 96, reaching the milestone of 100 blog posts on Dec 31, 2023.

Now, things look quite different with many more ideas I have in mind. But I will come back shortly and update this blog post with my plans for 2024.


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