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⏳⚕️Outlive: The Science & Art of Longevity by Dr Peter Attia

Updated: Jan 15

📖 What is this? 📚 A Really Long Book Summary?

  • This blog post is a compilation of short posts covering every chapter of Peter Attia’s book Outlive. It is an experiment where I decided to write a summary after each chapter I read. The summary will be in the form of a short blog post. The final product should be something like a detailed report on the book.

🤔 Why am I doing this?

  • The primary motivation is to increase the retention rate of information I acquire after reading the book. I realized that this way, despite being somewhat challenging, I will acquire most of the information from the books I read and have an archive to remind myself of. This does not seem logical and counterintuitive in the age of AI when everything is automated, abstracted, and shortened, but it is my project.

  • I am starting this experiment with the book Outlive by Peter Attia. There is no particular reason why I chose this book. I have a long list of want-to-read books and decided to go with this one. If this experiment proves successful, I will continue with it, focusing on books mainly about genetics, genomics, machine learning, and AI. The proof of success will be hard to measure coefficient obtained from time invested and knowledge acquired which will probably be mixed with personal satisfaction of finishing it.

Part 1

  1. Coming Soon: Chapter 2: Medicine 3.0: Rethinking MEdicine for the Age of Chronic Disease

  2. Coming Soon: Chapter 3: Objective, Strategy, Tactics: A Road Map for Reading This Book


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